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Prep'n Sell


Everyone’s home is their castle. Years are spent watching kids grow up and lives change. At some point, family members move on in life. There’s always a lot of emotion with selling the family home. Since 2002, Prep’n Sell has helped families maintain and prepare their homes for sale, and always with getting the best return on investment for clients.

A home is most people’s largest asset, so why gamble with unproven home service providers? Prep’n Sell is establishing a nationwide franchise network, to offer clients a full spectrum of home improvement services. These services come with professional specialists to carry out the work on time, and on budget. Whether you are selling, just recently purchased, or want to update, Prep’n Sell offers quality workmanship.

Why Choose Prep'n Sell?

Selling or buying a home can be a very stressful time, and our Home Care Consultants are experts in recommending with what needs to be done. This immediately lowers the family stress. Prep’n Sell can clean, de-clutter, move, fix, paint, renovate and much more. Call us for a free quote. Once the quote is approved, we develop “The Prep’n Sell PLAN™” together to ensure that your project will develop quickly and easily. Why make 8 to 10 calls when 1 call to Prep’n Sell gets all the jobs done? We are ready and able to serve you.

Tel: 416-833-2945