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At Sutton Group Quantum Realty Inc., Brokerage, we take your decision to choose us for your real estate career very seriously and we understand that each real estate agent has very different needs. We offer many real estate training and real estate business programs that are designed to provide a well-rounded support system to every real estate agent and this is coupled with solid, professional real estate broker support.

Sutton Quantum is not an “overshadow brand” model. We believe our real estate representatives can be empowered to develop their entrepreneurial skills and grow their own brand with Sutton Quantum as a strong co-branded partner. The Sutton brand allows you access to a national referral directory. With almost 10,000 associates nationwide you will have a viable referral network to prospect.

Professional inhouse marketing services to elevate your brand, awareness and client reach!

Our Sutton Quantum marketing department offers our agents comprehensive and creative support with both print and web services. Not only that, we have an onsite printing facility to make sure that your urgent listing materials are printed professionally the same-day, so that you can focus on your clients! We have full-time staff onhand with over 20 years combined experience in graphic design, social media, websites and digital marketing.

Reasons to Join Us

Inhouse Marketing Team

" Quantum's marketing offers the absolute best service, fast responses, even faster
turn around times and the absolute best customer service! I love having such talented
marketing professionals inhouse. I no longer have to outsource and get work with those
that understand the business and know how important quick tern-around times truly are.
Thank you SQ Marketing!"

Hannah Manesh | Sales Representative

"Lots of leads to convert into revenue!"


Webforms Training Sessions
"I've been an agent with Sutton Quantum since 2010, and I must say I find Tabatha's training sessions very informative, the Webforms Training Sessions in particular. I believe it defies the notion 'hard to teach an old dog new tricks' in many ways." 

Brenda Hartigan | Sales Representative

The SQ Management Team
"I cannot say how much I appreciate the support and guidance that I have received since joining Sutton Group Quantum! Both Tina and tabatha are always available to offer assistance, provide advice, answer questions and are willing to help me out in whatever way they can! I have never experienced this level of support and sincere care from any other Brokerage that I have been a part of. Both Tabatha and Tina sincerely want to see their agent's grow and succeed."

Michelle Cooper | Sales Representative

The work environment and office culture
"I have now been at Sutton Group Quantum Realty since July 1995, that's almost unheard of. I joined the company with many other options available to me and can honestly say that the choice was and is still right for me today! The office environment, support staff, and other Sutton agents will make working each day a great one. Should you ever wish to talk on a confidential basis please don't hesitate to call me. Celebrating 30 years in the Business."

Tim Parsons | Sales Representative

The Culture

"Once I completed all my courses I was ecstatic and terrified at the same time. What do I do next? I started to see how fear of the unknown was paralyzing me from moving forward. After doing my research and checking out a few brokerages I met Tina Gardin at Sutton Quantum and that's when my frame of mind change. Tina made me feel welcomed and assured me that the team at Quantum is here to support and help you along the way. I was then introduced to the office manager Tabatha Walter and that was the icing on the cake :) She sat with me one on one and we talked about my concerns, needs and she gave me great advice. I felt prepared and confident enough to make that first deal. I appreciate that Quantum has weekly free classes, weekly open houses and monthly meetings to keep agents updated and informed of what's happening in the real estate market. The office staff have always been polite and courteous to me as well. Quantum has in house lawyers, mortgage brokers, graphic designers... and more. Plus Quantum encourages their agents to get to know each other by having social events several times a year, it's just fantastic.

Quantum is family, I'm not going anywhere and I bet neither will you once you join :)"

Tyler Pope | Sales Representative


Valuable Workshops and Opportunities

Workshops and opportunities:

Plus, we hold valuable workshops as well, here's a list of the different opportunities:

    Setting annual financial goals and activity levels to reach them.

    Managing Open Houses, tools, tips, ideas and more.

    Understand Buyer Agency & how to work with Buyers.

    Understand the benefits to “farming” and how to develop your plan along with an overview of tools that can help.

    Learn how to create a CMA, plus a step-by-step discussion on Listing Presentations.
    Handling the commission objection. The commission menu offers a feature benefit connection plus a marketing plan.

    Now that you have the listing, create your marketing strategy to get it SOLD! Participate and add to the discussion and bring any marketing samples you would like to review. Plan your time and efforts for success.

    Learn how to present an offer, how to handle multiple offers and more. We will also discuss building a CMA.

    Come and workshop the top 25 most common objections that Realtors encounter in the marketplace.


Buffini Peak Producer Training

Buffini Peak Producer Training:

Still not enough? No worries, there’s more!

We hold Buffini, Peak Producer training twice a year! 

What is Peak Producer? 

Peak Producers is a 12 week training program facilitated by Suzan Trabert and featuring industry expert Brian Buffini & top producer Joe Niego. You'll enjoy Brian's motivational Irish wit as he presents practical how-tos, effective dialogues, real-world tips and more. 

Plus, this program comes with a complete student kit and a robust Online Resource Center - all the marketing materials and resources you'll need to become a Peak Producer.  

You Will Learn to:

  • Generate leads & close more transactions 
  • Overcome peaks & valleys in your income 
  • Identify the 7 types of negotiators & how to win 
  • Get every buyer off the fence 
  • Navigate price reductions like a pro 
  • Conquer the chaos of this business 
  • Be a professional, profitable business owner in any market


Agent Testimonials on Sutton Quantum

Agent Testimonials

It's very important to us that we are consistently bringing valuable, real, and useful information to our training sessions. We asked our agents to give us their thoughts...

On the Brokerage:

"When the great support staff  doesn’t have the answer right away, they get it for us. Such an efficient team!"
~Kevin O’Brien

"Tina has an astute knowledge of the real estate industry, the issues that affect Realtors and most importantly, what Realtors need to do to adapt to a changing marketplace. She has a very strong business acumen and a deep commitment to her community. These attributes make Sutton Quantum an integral part of the Sutton family."
~John Alexander

"I have now been at Sutton Group Quantum Realty since July 1995 nineteen years ago that's almost unheard of. I joined the company with many other options available to me and can honestly say that the choice was and is still right for me today!The office environment, support staff, and other Sutton agents all make working each day a great one. Should you ever wish to talk on a confidential basis please don't hesitate to call me, Celebrating 30 years in the Business."
~Tim Parsons

"A well developed and comprehensive program that drives results."
~Janice Rosenitsch

"I have known Tina now for several decades and she a true professional. She is very caring and passionate about our industry. She is also a person with high ethics and values. I believe whoever is fortunate enough to work alongside Tina will gain first hand an abundance of experience and knowledge. I am proud to be associated with a person of such quality."
~Sam McDadi, Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc.

"Tina and Sutton Quantum offer the perfect combination of excellent support, training, expertise and competitive commission splits. Tina’s staff make all the difference with their prompt response times friendly attitudes and overall dedication. Sutton Quantum has strong staff and strong agents. I am very proud to be a part of the team."
~Scott Benson  

"After having worked in 7 different real estate offices over the past 28 years, I know first hand that Sutton Group Quantum Realty is truly in a league of its own. The owner, Tina Gardin takes great pride in ensuring that she employs the highest quality management, administrative and reception staff and she has filled her office with an exceptionally strong sales team of the highest ethical standards. Quantum goes above and beyond to take care of their agents and provide the best service possible for both the agents and their clients. Perfectly situated along the Lakeshore corridor in prime Lorne Park/Clarkson Village and prestigious southeast Oakville, Quantum provides two beautiful upscale, elegantly furnished offices with state-of-the-art equipment, client meeting rooms, board rooms and private offices. Professional, friendly staff and excellent on-going support and training make this office a highly desirable place to work. I have always been impressed with everything that Sutton Group-Quantum does for their agents and I will always highly recommend Quantum to any agent looking to join a high class organization with a wonderful group of very happy and successful realtors."
~Lori Bassett

"A place where I feel like I can grow and the sky is the limit, no pressure, only real guidance and a great can caring staff that I can depend on all the time. My first year here was positive proof!"
~Amy Kalinowski

“What I love about Quantum is the amazing support staff we have, that I can call Tina at any time and she is available, and our 2 fantastic locations to use.”
~Bryan Adlam

“The fantastic staff that is always so helpful!”
~Elizabeth Goulart

“The great staff support, they are always so helpful.”
~Stephen & Maria Swannell

“I love how helpful and friendly the staff is at Sutton Group Quantum.”
~Lindsey De Melo

“ Amazing support staff– always willing to lend a helping hand.”
~Lydia Filipe

Sutton Quantum Management

Sutton Quantum Management

TINA GARDIN, Broker/Owner

Tina Gardin

In my more than two decades in the industry, and operating of one of Canada's top 250 brokerages, I have come to realize how important it is to tap into the collective wisdom, expertise, and creativity of our peers and industry leaders. 

Tina's Highlights

  • Past President of the Mississauga Real Estate Board 
  • Member of YPO from 2005-2012 
  • Supporter of the Special Olympics 
  • Supporter of the Big Life Foundation 
  • BA in Commerce from the university of Toronto 
  • Published regularly in REM Magazine

Read more about Tina

SUZAN TRABERT, V.P of Sales and Development

Suzan Trabert

Suzan has enjoyed over 20 years in sales, marketing, and management roles for global brands such as Hilton and Sheraton hotels, with leadership positions most recently at the City of Mississauga and Mississauga Tourism.

Read more about Suzan

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