Our Bloghttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog06b95df5-680e-4acf-8f00-f95df896c130https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/06/26/Welcome-Tony-BasraWelcome Tony BasraPlease join us in welcoming TONY BASRA to the Sutton Quantum family! Tony will be working out of our Oakville branch at 260 Lakeshore Rd East in Downtown Oakville where he can be reached at 905-844-5000. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to helping him grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-06-26T17:00:00Z45635712-644e-4c8d-9ccc-7adeb5f2bde0https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/06/11/Welcome-Nina-BlacquiereWelcome Nina BlacquierePlease join us in welcoming NINA BLACQUIERE to the Sutton Quantum family! Nina will be working out of our Oakville branch at 260 Lakeshore Rd East in Downtown Oakville where she can be reached at 905-844-5000. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to helping her grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-06-11T20:00:00Z8235f6e7-8b4c-4eba-8f6f-ce9b0130705chttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/06/09/Welcome-the-Coleman-Ruiz-TeamWelcome the Coleman-Ruiz TeamPlease join us in welcoming CHLOE COLEMAN & MARIANA RUIZ from the Coleman-Ruiz Team to the Sutton Quantum family! They will be working out of our Oakville branch at 260 Lakeshore Rd East in Oakville where they can be reached at 905-844-5000. We are excited to have them on board and look forward to helping them grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-06-09T12:07:00Z814bbc79-5655-4537-9700-463413c75c87https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/05/06/Please-Welcome-Matthew-Kate-and-Agnes-to-Sutton-QuantumPlease Welcome Matthew, Kate and Agnes to Sutton Quantum📢🆕 Please join us in welcoming MATTHEW CZAPLINSKI, KATE MATTHEW CZAPLINSKA & AGNES CZAPLINSKI to the Sutton Quantum family! They are 3 members of the Domator Team, calling SQ their home. We're very excited to have them with us. Please extend a warm welcome!2020-05-06T06:11:00Z5d4fa142-c78e-45c0-a600-18c127f01727https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/03/19/Welcome-the-Les-Janes-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Les Janes to Sutton QuantumPlease join us in welcoming LES JANES to the Sutton Quantum family! Les will be working out of our Mississauga branch at 1673 Lakeshore Rd West in Clarkson Village where he can be reached at 905-822-5000. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to helping him grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-03-19T13:51:00Z6c81f68f-c735-44e4-bd78-ae74f4cc9a4fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/03/19/Welcome-the-Tina-Boardman-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Tina Boardman to Sutton QuantumPlease join us in welcoming TINA BOARDMAN to the Sutton Quantum family! Tina will be working out of our Oakville branch at 260 Lakeshore Rd East in Downtown Oakville where she can be reached at 905-844-5000. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to helping her grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-03-19T13:24:00Z6eb0ce3e-a8e5-4da5-9fbd-0e490abd1433https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/02/13/Welcome-the-Angela-Zezza-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Angela Zezza to Sutton QuantumPlease join us in welcoming ANGELA ZEZZA to the Sutton Quantum family! Angela will be working out of our Mississauga branch at 1673 Lakeshore Rd West in Clarkson Village where she can be reached at 905-822-5000. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to helping her grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-02-13T15:43:00Zf8458531-5344-4dbe-8c1d-cd8394f2213dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2020/02/04/Welcome-the-Vicki-Schmidt-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Vicki Schmidt to Sutton QuantumPlease join us in welcoming VICKI SCHMIDT to the Sutton Quantum family! Vicki will be working out of our Mississauga branch at 1673 Lakeshore Rd West in Clarkson Village where she can be reached at 905-822-5000. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to helping her grow at Sutton Quantum.2020-02-04T16:29:00Z0121d13e-8559-491d-a686-ae1a587f810dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/12/11/Sutton-Quantum-Agent-Holiday-Luncheon-2019Sutton Quantum Agent Holiday Luncheon 2019Thank you to each of our agents, partners, and sponsors for a wonderful holiday celebration 2019!2019-12-11T14:17:00Z56fa9b15-a714-414c-987b-f7cba996139ehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/11/19/Welcome-the-Debbie-Cooper-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Debbie Cooper to Sutton QuantumPlease join us in welcoming DEBBIE COOPER to the Sutton Quantum family! Debbie will be working out of our Oakville branch at 260 Lakeshore Rd East in beautiful Downtown Oakville where she can be reached at 905-844-5000. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to helping her grow at Sutton Quantum.2019-11-19T19:27:00Z6d53b193-e58b-4a78-9a2d-098cd1651b34https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/11/12/Welcome-the-Vanessa-Meszaros-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Vanessa Meszaros to Sutton QuantumWelcome the Vanessa Meszaros to Sutton Quantum2019-11-12T17:50:00Zd45a3319-4758-40d0-9e8f-3e6b6a794552https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/10/01/Welcome-the-Rosemarie-Wallace-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Rosemarie Wallace to Sutton QuantumWelcome the Rosemarie Wallace to Sutton Quantum2019-10-01T14:48:00Z5378d189-a43e-4488-a568-59aa218edc50https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/08/27/Welcome-the-Sheila-Barry--Linda-Zylik-Team-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Sheila Barry & Linda Zylik Team to Sutton QuantumWelcome the Sheila Barry & Linda Zylik Team to Sutton Quantum2019-08-27T19:40:00Z86a0f632-d416-47b3-987d-1a688a21744fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/08/26/Welcome-New-Agent-Gurpreet-Pall-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Gurpreet Pall to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Gurpreet Pall to Sutton Quantum.2019-08-26T20:56:00Zd38d636e-433b-4500-bcb1-76d752d10157https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/07/11/Welcome-New-Agent-Thomas-Lesnick-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Thomas Lesnick to Sutton Quantum Welcome New Agent, Thomas Lesnick to Sutton Quantum 2019-07-11T15:44:00Z626c36ba-ff39-4b07-a29c-cf966334129bhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/07/11/Welcome-New-Agent-Colleen-Pickett-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Colleen Pickett to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Colleen Pickett to Sutton Quantum2019-07-11T15:42:00Zac954edf-c8cf-4f87-8e10-2c9e6e402e06https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/06/17/Summer-BBQ-TipsSummer BBQ TipsFor any experienced grill master, the summertime is less about relaxation and more about flexing one’s skills and honing one’s craft. But for the uninitiated, “grill culture” can feel like a really exclusive club. Whatever your level of grilling experience is, we’ve put together a list of tips and suggestions for you to take advantage of the short but savory grilling season. All that’s left for you to do is find a witty apron and you’re all set!2019-06-17T14:41:00Zed2b1610-6837-4c49-a0a8-ed42b3ff2376https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/06/03/Welcome-New-Agent-Antoinette-Andrade-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Antoinette Andrade to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Antoinette Andrade to Sutton Quantum2019-06-03T11:34:00Zfb7aaf29-4c28-4599-a771-ff1830a18e67https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/05/23/Welcome-New-Agent-Angela-Valeri-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Angela Valeri to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Angela Valeri to Sutton Quantum2019-05-23T14:55:00Zf856d527-577c-4f8f-a39a-8ef969a883ddhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/05/13/Welcome-New-Agent-Connor-Bissett-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Connor Bissett to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Connor Bissett to Sutton Quantum 2019-05-13T13:22:00Z4c52330c-378d-41ad-9e9f-9646ceaec6achttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/05/02/Local-Strawberry-Picking-Farms-2019Local Strawberry Picking Farms 2019STRAWBERRY PICKING! It's soon that delicious time of year when we can take advantage of the warmer weather and local pick-your-own farms in mid-June to mid-July. Check out our comprehensive list of local farms near you to prepare for your trip!2019-05-02T16:22:00Z69a436a8-88fa-434e-9e60-79e9592f80b0https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/04/10/2018-SQ-Awards-Night2018 SQ Awards NightCongratulations to our Sutton Quantum 2018 Sales Awards Winners. View our photo gallery of the amazing night.2019-04-10T14:31:00Za06f86ef-e02a-492b-b2b6-16dc7aea1493https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/04/05/Welcome-New-Agent-Connor-Piszel-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent Connor Piszel to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Connor Piszel to Sutton Quantum2019-04-05T12:50:00Zea9e28c5-e460-492b-a39d-47af1ce5081bhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/04/04/Welcome-New-Agent-Tatiana-Chlygina-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Tatiana Chlygina to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent, Tatiana Chlygina to Sutton Quantum2019-04-04T17:24:00Zd662ff15-2870-419f-8eb2-b572c8e21c97https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/03/15/Welcome-New-Agent-Tricia-Saunders-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Tricia Saunders to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent | Tricia Saunders to Sutton Quantum2019-03-15T14:56:00Z59696c8c-034a-40d6-bca6-12836f86dd13https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/03/14/Welcome-New-Agent-Joanne-Petrelli-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Joanne Petrelli to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent | Joanne Petrelli to Sutton Quantum!2019-03-14T15:50:00Z8de8e1cc-a8e9-4998-a623-e6953c2d8d7fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/02/20/Welcome-New-Agent-Scott-Yamamura-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent, Scott Yamamura to Sutton QuantumWelcome Scott Yamamura to Sutton Quantum!2019-02-20T14:33:00Z19e013cb-09da-4d32-90f7-0c24b62c51c6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/02/18/Welcome-New-Agent--Catherine-Doobay-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome New Agent | Catherine Doobay to Sutton QuantumWelcome New Agent | Catherine Doobay to Sutton Quantum2019-02-18T14:40:00Z7e748f67-fb3e-412d-95f1-0aee197aeae4https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/02/04/Welcome-Anastassia-Kocheleva-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Anastassia Kocheleva to Sutton Quantum!Welcome New Agent | Anastassia Kocheleva to Sutton Quantum2019-02-04T16:14:00Z70345645-5b7a-40fd-9928-a4ca8222b6eahttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/01/31/Welcome-Sanaa-Hasbani-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Sanaa Hasbani to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Sanaa Hasbani to Sutton Quantum!2019-01-31T18:13:00Ze5805033-2852-4dd9-80a9-1c7cede74b87https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/01/29/Best-Local-Sledding-HillsBest Local Sledding HillsWe’re lucky to have so much natural beauty and variety where we live, and there’s no reason not to take advantage of our landscape throughout the winter months as well. We've compiled a list of the best local tobogganing hills for sledders of all ages. Read more...2019-01-29T21:02:00Z52008a21-dcfe-4cc3-9592-a703cf42fae4https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/01/25/Welcome-Kirk-Walters-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Kirk Walters to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Kirk Walters join our Sutton Quantum Realty family. You can contact him at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000.2019-01-25T14:41:00Zc86e51b9-8a36-4c01-a2b4-08324bfebd85https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/01/07/Welcome-Nim-Yanay-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Nim Yanay to Sutton QuantumWe are excited to have Nim Yanay join our Sutton Quantum Realty family. You can contact him at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2019-01-07T15:28:00Z0ee7957c-4483-42fa-9693-99a1b2675598https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2019/01/06/When-Is-The-Best-Time-To-SellWhen Is The Best Time To Sell?When is the best time to put my house on the market? Our agents hear this question from homeowners all the time, and for good reason. Most people looking to sell think that the best time to place their home on the market is when the tulips come up, but by that point you may have already missed the critical period to get the most for your home. Read on to see when the best time to sell is!2019-01-06T18:28:00Z30ffbc20-5336-4d43-bd29-52b740405023https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/12/31/Welcome-Rita-Asadorian-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Rita Asadorian to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Rita Asadorian join our Sutton Quantum Realty family. You can contact her at our Mississauga office at: 905-822-5000. 2018-12-31T16:42:00Zd9dd7954-7c67-4ecb-aa86-5bf7a3469741https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/12/21/How-To-Plan-for-Home-RenovationsHow To Plan for Home RenovationsIs 2019 the year you transform your home? The possibilities are endless, but your time and money are not. Home renovations vary based on all kinds of life changes, tastes, and lifestyles, but one element every successful reno has is a solid plan. Check out our blog for a step-by-step guide to making one and staying on task throughout the entire process.2018-12-21T15:16:00Z20c7ddf2-0539-4764-8935-96f4833f6149https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/12/18/Holiday-Party-EtiquetteHoliday Party EtiquetteDon’t worry, we aren’t here to lecture you on which fork to use or how to fold your napkins into origami swans. Planning a party is a huge undertaking for the host not only at the best of times but especially over the holidays, and the best way to express gratitude is to show up as a thoughtful and considerate house guest. Follow our list of tips on our blog and you will guarantee yourself an invite back next year. 2018-12-18T20:57:00Z25d515af-b41d-4602-afba-d553e1166de0https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/12/12/Sutton-Quantum-Agent-Holiday-Luncheon-2018Sutton Quantum Agent Holiday Luncheon 2018Thank you to each of our agents, partners, and sponsors for a wonderful holiday celebration!2018-12-12T14:35:00Z3f121916-8bac-45ca-99a8-f673a0ff8e76https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/12/10/Welcome-Sabrina-Italiano-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Sabrina Italiano to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Sabrina Italiano join our Sutton Quantum Realty family. You can contact her at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-12-10T13:26:00Z1479da22-fcfd-4fd2-a42d-b178e7cf75e6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/12/06/Holiday-Wine-PairingsHoliday Wine PairingsWine pairing has long been one of the more feared tasks by hosts – but it doesn’t have to be.2018-12-06T18:49:00Z621446d0-c16f-4102-870f-d0974140fdcbhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/11/29/Holiday-Events-In-The-GTAHoliday Events In The GTADespite our best intentions, the holidays are for many a season of stress, busy-ness, and a drain on one’s time and finances. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and forget that the most important part of the holidays is spending time with your loved ones and making memories. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of local holiday events, many of which are FREE! 2018-11-29T21:31:00Zbc686af5-549b-4543-9f72-909281ada488https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/11/26/RELTE-Show-2018-Hosted-by-Sutton-QuantumRELTE Show 2018 Hosted by Sutton QuantumRe-live Sutton Quantum's RELTE show all over again!2018-11-26T18:13:00Z9e1cc661-7907-4ebc-9ec1-2468a9cb1717https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/11/25/Saving-For-A-Down-PaymentSaving For A Down PaymentBuying your first home is a magical feeling, but with the new Stress Test in effect saving for a down payment is trickier than ever. Many homeowners will tell you that meeting the minimum for a down payment was tough, but that looking back they wished they had put up more money upfront. The great thing about saving is that once you’ve created positive financial habits for yourself, you’ll be well equipped with strategies to help you save for things like retirement, home renovations, or a vacation. We’ve outlined some of the best ways to save for a down payment and other future financial goals...2018-11-25T15:41:00Z4ab1fc8d-56cb-4419-9a4d-2629bb5258e3https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/11/19/5-Things-Every-Homeowner-Should-Know-Before-Selecting-A-Selling-Agent5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Selecting A Selling AgentWho will you trust to sell your largest asset? If you want something done right, do it yourself" applies to many situations, but selling your home is not one of them. Follow our 5 tips for choosing the right selling agent for your home!2018-11-19T19:44:00Zfc9097bf-1bc2-4ffb-8fd2-353cc88eb0d6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/11/18/Packing-TipsPacking TipsBeginning a new chapter in a new home is a wonderful feeling, but packing your life up is quite an undertaking and many people don’t know where to begin. Use these tips for a seamless move and start your life in your new home off right!2018-11-18T17:07:00Zb2951d91-3811-4f35-9748-53018cd191dahttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/10/29/Staging-Tips-for-BeginnersStaging Tips for BeginnersGive your home an edge in the market!2018-10-29T18:42:00Zbbbd4b7d-f143-4086-9d55-b709b8f67eb7https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/10/21/Halloween-Safety-TipsHalloween Safety TipsMake sure the spookiest night of the year is also the safest!2018-10-21T18:03:00Z11544c19-c3a7-4018-852e-defa35b4fd96https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/10/04/Fall-Home-Maintenance-TipsFall Home Maintenance TipsFall is upon us and before the weather gets too crisp, now it a great time to consider your fall home maintenance tips. We've put together some things to keep top of mind...2018-10-04T18:57:00Z5c7005d4-0de8-4c86-9ce5-6a4479ddf850https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/09/27/Sutton-Quantum-Sponsors-Reverie-2018-Sutton Quantum Sponsors Reverie 2018 For the past 4 yrs, Sutton Quantum is proud to be the exclusive Realtor® sponsor for the Oakville Galleries Reverie Dinner. Proceeds provide much-needed funds for accessible, high-quality educational and artistic programming in our community.2018-09-27T13:54:00Z3e233e01-6b4c-4069-8152-7cac34bdff15https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/09/24/Welcome-Adriano-Aldini-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Adriano Aldini to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Adriano Aldini join our Sutton Quantum Realty family. You can contact him at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-09-24T18:20:00Z43ccd36d-56a5-4756-9e94-8150d449f0c2https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/08/29/Welcome-Karim-Shuqom-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Karim Shuqom to Sutton QuantumWe are excited to have Karim Shuqom join our Sutton Quantum Realty family. Karim will be taking an office at our Oakville branch. You can contact him at: 905-844-5000. 2018-08-29T10:25:00Zc2964f0b-0302-4e12-baee-b0d9a727b6d6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/08/22/Moving-With-Kids-and-PetsMoving With Kids and PetsIf you’re worried about your kids finding moving stressful, there’s no doubt it will have an impact on your pets, too. Since you can’t explain the situation to your pets or get them involved as you would with kids, you may feel helpless - but there are still ways to make the difficult process easier for your furry friends...2018-08-22T14:17:00Z990d9982-9b3c-4faf-b186-7144c4748c2ehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/08/15/Hardwood-Flooring-Trends-Aesthetics-vs-PracticalityHardwood Flooring Trends: Aesthetics vs. PracticalityIn a time when there are more flooring options available than ever to homeowners, most people seem to want the same thing -- real hardwood floors. And for good reason! In addition to being warm, comfortable, and certain to stand the test of time, hardwood floors can be guaranteed to improve the value of your home. So where does this leave you in your search? The options are endless, but when you consider durability, price, and the colour and style that will work with your home, you’ll be able to choose something that you love (and will anticipate loving for the long haul)...2018-08-15T17:22:00Zb49c0ca2-dfa6-4243-b3bf-345362d5eec2https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/08/13/Welcome-the-Alex--Brandon-Real-Estate-Team-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Alex & Brandon Real Estate Team to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have the Alex Winiarski and Brandon Jones join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact them at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-08-13T14:44:00Z279e425b-3681-4b1a-bb43-1d314cc5cd7ahttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/08/01/Explore-Clarkson-VillageExplore Clarkson VillageTake a look at Mississauga's best-kept secret... Clarkson Village and Sutton Quantum!2018-08-01T15:29:00Z69e85018-9e1e-4092-95b0-7c96ee464715https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/07/30/Top-Home-Buyer-TurnoffsTop Home Buyer TurnoffsSellers - equip yourselves with every possible advantage in this market!2018-07-30T19:50:00Zb6b87a96-5707-4705-b2eb-80bb3e264b8dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/25/Canada-Day-CelebrationsCanada Day CelebrationsSo what if we're not in the world cup? Celebrate your Canadian patrionage this weekend!2018-06-25T15:12:00Z97dcde0d-5ad1-4d1b-82ee-afb860eb3c17https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/22/Welcome-the-Wilma-Fournier-Team-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome the Wilma Fournier Team to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have the Wilma Fournier team (Just Shout Wilma) join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact them at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-06-22T14:56:00Z1d7cddc9-5e36-485f-9c85-1ce97fe0580dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/19/Welcome-Sheila-Maher-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Sheila Maher to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Sheila join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact her at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-06-19T13:38:00Z0bb24f33-7c7b-49eb-a1c2-07a04295fb63https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/18/Welcome-David-Alexander-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome David Alexander to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have David join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact him at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-06-18T14:23:00Z085122bb-d437-4796-b5c7-dccb331ec119https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/12/Welcome-Dominika-Parker-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Dominika Parker to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Dominika join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact her at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-06-12T13:29:00Z3932e37f-4ba7-458f-8b5e-7c92ae76eee6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/12/Welcome-Mehdi-Parker-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Mehdi Parker to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Medhi join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact him at our Oakville office at: 905-844-5000. 2018-06-12T12:50:00Za9d8df8a-c617-4855-a8e1-9a9908cb4218https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/08/Summer-Barbecuing-TipsSummer Barbecuing TipsFor any experienced grill master, the summertime is less about relaxation and more about flexing one’s skills and honing one’s craft. But for the uninitiated, “grill culture” can feel like a really exclusive club with a list of rules and rituals dating back to the paleolithic era. Whatever your level of grilling experience is, we’ve put together a list of tips and suggestions for you to take advantage of the short but savory grilling season. All that’s left for you to do is find a witty apron and you’re all set!2018-06-08T16:25:00Z33c9a9ce-d592-4b28-b838-ddd037a338c0https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/07/Your-Summer-Plant-SourceYour Summer Plant SourceGreen thumb or not, this year make sure your garden gets a thumbs up!2018-06-07T14:26:00Z5ab46cec-8631-492c-93b9-0e3762e1d526https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/06/01/Local-Strawberry-Picking-Farms-2018Local Strawberry Picking Farms 2018Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labour with Our Comprehensive List of Local Strawberry Picking Farms.2018-06-01T11:00:00Z351d6595-300b-4b56-82c4-13f3c9bcc422https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/29/Sutton-Quantum---Realtor-Quest-2018Sutton Quantum Realtor Quest 2018Come visit us at booth #508 between 2-5pm for a chat and freebies!2018-05-29T17:45:00Z0ad2fd9e-6156-417b-a3da-0154e610629ahttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/28/Welcome-Marcella-Racic-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Marcella Racic to Sutton Quantum!We are excited to have Marcella join Sutton Quantum Realty. You can contact her at our Oakville office at: 905-822-5000. 2018-05-28T13:31:00Z4b6efa8d-7ee0-428f-a9d1-8ec07bf853a7https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/17/Victoria-Day-Weekend-Activities-Near-YouVictoria Day Weekend Activities Near YouKick off the summer season!2018-05-17T16:02:00Zab04068e-bdde-4fb8-b413-9aa0934ab300https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/15/What-Makes-A-Family-Friendly-NeighbourhoodWhat Makes A Family-Friendly Neighbourhood?What Makes A Family-Friendly Neighbourhood? It's more than a white picket fence!2018-05-15T17:48:00Z6fc4c6f5-378a-4a7f-8fbf-ef004a932534https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/07/Welcome-Deanna-Mendes-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Deanna Mendes to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Deanna Mendes to Sutton Quantum!2018-05-07T15:26:00Z5b24040e-f727-4097-b998-d5c576b9226dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/04/April-2018--TREB-Market-Watch-ReportApril 2018 TREB Market Watch ReportApril 2018 TREB Market Watch Report2018-05-04T20:28:00Za2cee527-c736-40be-a2e2-4234395c0902https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/05/01/Welcome-Mike-Schramm-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Mike Schramm to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Mike Schramm to Sutton Quantum!2018-05-01T15:54:00Zd46c7e08-6838-4d9f-901a-f635d3870141https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/04/27/Sutton-Quantum-Celebrates-25th-AnniversarySutton Quantum Celebrates 25th Anniversary!Sutton Quantum brokerage celebrating 25 years of service excellence in your community. Read more about our real estate brokerage and our two office locations, here to serve you.2018-04-27T21:40:00Z285fb747-1ccf-45d3-b0cb-3ba8a66a8311https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/04/26/Welcome-Patrick-Orovan-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Patrick Orovan to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Patrick Orovan to Sutton Quantum!2018-04-26T15:31:00Z86b23bc4-568d-453f-a52e-21a245880187https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/04/02/Welcome-Paul-Butchereit-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Paul Butchereit to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Paul Butchereit to Sutton Quantum!2018-04-02T15:36:00Z16cb7171-65ca-43f6-a8dc-719219d5236bhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/03/28/2017-SQ-Awards-Night2017 SQ Awards NightCongratulations to our Sutton Quantum 2017 Sales Awards Winners. View our photo gallery of the amazing night.2018-03-28T17:38:00Z0b963165-b1b8-4757-bfec-ccc674ce082fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/03/16/Easter-Activities-for-Kids-and-FamiliesEaster Activities for Kids and FamiliesHop to it!2018-03-16T14:48:00Z6a633ded-a380-41b9-a12e-dbb6b38ad775https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/03/13/Spring-Home-Maintenance-TipsSpring Home Maintenance TipsGet your home into shape before summer!2018-03-13T13:28:00Zfb6e3c7a-cd72-4622-9992-78b30db311cahttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/02/20/Welcome-Tom-Matovic-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Tom Matovic to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Tom Matovic to Sutton Quantum!2018-02-20T15:08:00Z922b15a3-f56f-49bd-a522-ca3548a7a7c8https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/02/13/Family-Day-ActivitiesFamily Day ActivitiesKeep your kids busy and have some fun while you're at it!2018-02-13T22:00:00Z4bd91ea8-3df4-40fb-a20b-7b3b776b0debhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2018/01/11/Welcome-Hamish-Gordon-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Hamish Gordon to Sutton Quantum!Welcome Hamish Gordon to Sutton Quantum!2018-01-11T14:52:00Z396b1f5f-cd29-47d9-b0f8-fef60b91ea5ehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/12/19/Holiday-Gift-Guide-for-New-HomeownersHoliday Gift Guide for New HomeownersYour Last-Minute Gift Guide for the New Homeowner in Your Life!2017-12-19T19:47:00Zbd6bbd76-0f4f-47b4-8c38-27ae4a50178fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/12/12/Sutton-Quantum--Agent-Holiday-Luncheon-2017Sutton Quantum Agent Holiday Luncheon 2017Thank you to everyone for attending our annual Sutton Quantum Holiday Luncheon 2017 and our sponsors!2017-12-12T17:36:00Z359b4549-c124-4fc1-9b7a-a8cde02aaafahttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/12/08/Why-Prince-Harry--Meghan-Markle-Should-Honeymoon-in-Oakville--MississaugaWhy Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Should Honeymoon in Oakville & MississaugaAn Itinerary of Hidden Gems Right At Our Doorstep!2017-12-08T18:48:00Zc0d1d75b-c17c-44d2-82ad-e1cc116c13edhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/10/03/September-2017-%7C-TREB-Market-Watch-ReportSeptember 2017 | TREB Market Watch ReportSeptember 2017 TREB Market Watch Report2017-10-03T19:43:00Zc3ae83d8-696e-4896-a119-ada458fcd1adhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/09/22/Welcome-Jake-Manning-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Jake Manning to Sutton Quantum!We're excited to welcome Sales Representative, JAKE MANNING to Sutton Quantum Brokerage! Jake will be working with the #thescottbensonteam. 2017-09-22T17:08:00Z8c1316e9-837f-444a-8d38-90986cfb1557https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/09/07/5-Signs-It%E2%80%99s-Time-To-Go-From-Apartment-To-House5 Signs It’s Time To Go From Apartment To HouseHave you been thinking of trading in your previously adequate apartment for a bigger living space? Here are five signs it might be time to move into a single-family residence.2017-09-07T12:34:00Z345121e0-0349-4678-a414-c8090fd04a0dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/08/24/Back-to-School-TipsBack to School TipsBack to school doesn't have to be stressful... read more2017-08-24T15:54:00Z54197859-52bd-47ca-822e-bd428812a893https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/08/01/July-2017---TREB-Market-Watch-ReportJuly 2017 - TREB Market Watch ReportJuly 2017 TREB Market Watch Report2017-08-01T13:45:00Zca717d60-e875-4dac-a62c-21e2cc4594fehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/07/19/2nd-Quarterly-Draw-Cash-Winners2nd Quarterly Draw Cash Winners!CONGRATULATIONS to Our #QuantumCash 2nd Quarterly Winners...2017-07-19T18:37:00Zf55098dc-7f26-4123-8b2a-2c709fa3254chttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/06/26/Canada-Day-Events-2017Canada Day Events 2017Canada Day Events 20172017-06-26T16:20:00Zb9525de1-934b-46a1-9357-7b81771fb169https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/05/14/Happy-Mothers-DayHappy Mother's DayMom, you're super!2017-05-14T17:38:00Zc59286f7-1faf-46b7-b048-1fd4f8ff66abhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/04/19/1st-Quarterly-Draw-Cash-Winners1st Quarterly Draw Cash Winners!CONGRATULATIONS to Our #QuantumCash 1st Quarterly Winners...2017-04-19T17:08:00Z749ec292-eb32-48f2-8005-f7e8cc07f598https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/03/13/Sutton-Quantum-2016-Award-WinnersSutton Quantum 2016 Award Winners!Sutton Quantum - celebrating excellence and our amazing agents! Congratulations to all of our award winners and agents who we know will 2017-03-13T18:09:00Za8c0877f-3dc9-48b9-865a-bd713bdf08edhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/02/06/Coupon-for-2017-GTA-Home-ShowCoupon for 2017 GTA Home ShowLooking to attend The GTA Home and Reno Show (Feb 17-20)?2017-02-06T14:54:00Z38d174c3-5668-4e29-85b7-be2fdc1534d9https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/01/21/And-the-Winner-isAnd the Winner is...On Saturday January 21st, 2016, Sutton Quantum drew the winner of the #DriveawayGiveaway at South Oakville Chrystler Fiat dealership. We had a great turn out of excited guests agents and clients who came out for the draw.2017-01-21T13:25:00Zbc6ed4be-9d6f-42ff-98ba-3e0d06d8ab50https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2017/01/04/Tina-Gardin-QA-with-OMDREBTina Gardin Q&A with OMDREBBroker of Record/Owner of Sutton Quantum, Tina Gardin, shares her thoughts, experience, and insights into the real estate business with OMDREB2017-01-04T18:01:00Zef0ffa8b-c326-4d65-8d35-f3d0fca6295ehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/11/23/MannequinChallenge#MannequinChallengeWelcome to OUR house! Sutton Quantum Mannequin Challenge video.2016-11-23T14:42:00Zb99023c6-9d6b-41c7-8f5d-cc3c8fc8f2behttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/11/21/Welcome-Sandy-Casella-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Sandy Casella to Sutton Quantum!Join us in welcoming Sales Representative, SANDY CASELLA to the #SuttonQuantumTeam !!2016-11-21T15:55:00Z21f74cac-e557-4ed4-ba01-2bd654d78b69https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/11/21/Thank-You---Oakville-Santa-Claus-ParadeThank You - Oakville Santa Claus ParadeSutton Quantum at the Oakville Santa Claus Parade2016-11-21T14:54:00Ze81829a9-198b-47e3-bd09-bb89622fc0e3https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/11/18/Oakville-Santa-Claus-Parade-2016Oakville Santa Claus Parade 2016Parade map, shuttle service information and road closures.2016-11-18T13:36:00Z57e4a1a0-96ae-4e80-9a49-2e7c0aee29fdhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/08/26/Home-Inspector-WantedHome Inspector WantedSutton Quantum is looking for an inhouse home inspector.2016-08-26T13:47:00Zcb3acdf8-0466-4848-8033-9546806cc560https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/08/16/Welcome-Eduardo-Alvarez-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Eduardo Alvarez to Sutton Quantum!Join us in welcoming Sales Representative, EDUARDO ALVAREZ HIDALGO to the #SuttonQuantumTeam !!2016-08-16T15:40:00Z3fc4ece3-fb4d-4da0-8216-dacb90369612https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/08/16/New-App-Makes-Moving-EasierNew App Makes Moving EasierMoveSnap wants to make your next move easier than ever2016-08-16T13:06:00Z8fbbf33f-0808-4a4f-875e-b52d7e592e40https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/08/15/OMDREB-Market-Watch---July-2016OMDREB Market Watch - July 2016OMDREB Market Watch - July 20162016-08-15T19:30:00Z37fbacf1-b589-4df2-bf86-38ab58f5933dhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/07/11/Midnight-Madness-2016Midnight Madness 2016Downtown Oakville's Midnight Madness, Fri July 15th, 20162016-07-11T19:17:00Zefcfd8e3-0433-43a2-9a69-5984a786bed3https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/07/06/Dream-Home-Find-It-Now-With-Our-Live-Local-ListingsDream Home? Find It Now With Our Live Local ListingsSutton Quantum dream home search. Find it here!2016-07-06T17:10:00Zfc8d1ec2-aa92-4eab-9efe-be65db57411fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/07/05/Home-Buyers-Road-MapHome Buyers Road MapThe Homebuyers' Road Map walks homebuyers through the critical steps of purchasing a home. 2016-07-05T19:40:00Z439bb036-22e8-4698-b78a-7c525c9f7651https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/06/20/Welcome-Jordan-Duarte-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Jordan Duarte to Sutton Quantum!Join us in welcoming Sales Representative, JORDAN DUARTE to the #SuttonQuantumTeam !!2016-06-20T15:33:00Z2cead5b4-53dd-43ff-ba47-e2facc4b8647https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/06/20/Mississauga-Waterfront-FestivalMississauga Waterfront FestivalDid you spot the Sutton Quantum Fiat this weekend? We were at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival! Hashtag#DriveawayGivewaywhen you see us around town!2016-06-20T15:23:00Z32ab3417-d6c9-41d4-b990-ed1f2bd9402bhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/06/17/Welcome-Liang-Ren-to-Sutton-QuantumWelcome Liang Ren to Sutton Quantum!Join us in welcoming Sales Representative, LIANG REN to the #SuttonQuantumTeam !!2016-06-17T13:14:00Zf1c92869-e989-49ff-8db1-9a1efe4255dehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/06/06/Bread-and-Honey-FestivalBread and Honey FestivalDid you spot the Sutton Quantum Fiat this weekend? We were at the Streetsville Breadand Honey Festival!2016-06-06T18:47:00Zb0ad0851-8111-4f9c-877f-86edacbf42a6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/06/02/Sutton-Fort-McMurray-FundraiserSutton Fort McMurray FundraiserWe personally want to thank all the Sutton REALTORS® who joined in on the #SuttonWildfireRelief campaign in support of our Fort McMurray colleagues and neighbours. Fort McMurray residents are now gearing up for phase 1 of the re-entry plan, scheduled to start on June 1st.2016-06-02T13:01:00Z332f530a-fa17-4656-a2ee-eb3acf5dfbe4https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/05/19/Mortgage-Calculators-Pros-and-ConsMortgage Calculators: Pros and ConsMortgage calculators can be a great help when you first start thinking about buying a home, but simple versions do have their limitations. Let's take a look at the situations where mortgage calculators can be a huge help and the times when you might want to consult a human for additional advice.2016-05-19T19:17:00Za466b846-2b3d-4958-a98b-8800595f0c79https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/05/04/Its-here-the-Driveaway-Car-GivewayIt's here, the Driveaway Car Giveway!The nice weather is finally here, and the SQ Fiat has hit the streets! Have you had a chance to see it in person yet?2016-05-04T17:29:00Z0f6dc58e-9a03-45bf-b8b9-8876b71dc982https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/03/31/Planning-a-MovePlanning a MoveIt can take years to accumulate a home full of treasured belongings but only a matter of days to pack it all into boxes for a move. Packing up and moving require organization and planning. In fact, it can be the greatest test for a procrastinator - what seems like few belongings can take far longer and use more boxes than expected. The following tips can help keep your breakables intact, your pets safe, and make the whole process as efficient as possible.2016-03-31T16:38:00Z4273fee0-6497-41f7-883f-accfc3ac4e8fhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/03/18/Your-Real-Estate-CareerYour Real Estate Career!Looking for a real estate career in Mississauga or Oakville that offers full training, support and marketing? Our offices provide all the tools to help you succeed. Find out more about the SQ perks today!2016-03-18T13:56:00Za2fb6f59-6593-45ed-b978-7edd074dfd1chttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Were-looking-for-an-inhouse-Home-StagerWe're looking for an inhouse Home Stager!Exclusive downtown Oakville branch looking for inhouse home stager...2016-02-15T18:04:00Z5cfda56a-bf1d-4fc9-91f8-d80857eb6228https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Driveaway-Car-Giveaway-2016Driveaway Car Giveaway 2016DRIVEAWAY CAR GIVEAWAY! Buy or Sell Your Home in 2016 & Enter to Win a New Car!** Conditions apply. Please see www.suttonquantum.com/contests for rules. Please share away!...2016-02-15T17:52:00Z2084a3ff-6fa8-45f0-9a97-1ae3f5344aedhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/The-Top-3-Reasons-New-Real-Estate-Salespeople-Fail-to-ThriveThe Top 3 Reasons New Real Estate Salespeople Fail to ThriveEmbarking on a new career in Real Estate can be an exciting and terrifying experience. To begin with, there are no guarantees of revenue streams or salaries to cushion the initial few months. By avoiding these basic pitfalls, you can enhance your chances of a successful, full time practice....2016-02-15T17:49:00Z6a0ea046-c69c-440a-bdee-b5a673aa7aabhttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/The-8-Essential-Tips-for-Success-in-Real-Estate-SalesThe 8 "Essential" Tips for Success in Real Estate SalesIn one of my recent training groups, a newly licensed salesperson asked me to describe the top 3 or 4 key strategies to success in real estate sales. I reflected on this question over the holidays and came up with my top 20 tips which...2016-02-15T17:45:00Z194098aa-7943-4bf2-b803-cd8cfb1dd229https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Is-it-time-for-Realtors-to-ask-for-listing-retainersIs it time for Realtors to ask for listing retainers?There are many misnomers around the process of selling a home and the role that the Realtor plays in the process. One of the most misunderstood elements of the process is the MLS system. Realtors and consumers are often surprised when they discover that typically 3/4 of the listings on MLS at any one time do not sell. This becomes a very interesting fact when you consider the...2016-02-15T17:44:00Zbdff1dd6-3e6b-4cf5-a85a-17f8b9d1f9e0https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Is-incorporation-right-for-the-Realtors-of-OntarioIs incorporation right for the Realtors of Ontario?There has been a lot of discussion and I have had many questions as of late as to the merit of individuals in the real estate industry incorporating themselves. While this may be a consideration for a few, there are many reasons that incorporation may not be appropriate for all. It is important to have a needs assessment of the individual's current practice in order to fully evaluate the net benefit of incorporation. In Ontario, individual registrants are not...2016-02-15T17:42:00Zaf9fc278-62d3-43da-840d-52b8977ab4c9https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Do-you-still-need-a-Realtor-now-that-MLS-is-openDo you still need a Realtor now that MLS is open?In recent years, the Competition Bureau climbed over the Oligopolies and Monopolies and, with rabid determination, waged battle with the Real Estate industry to ensure that the consumer had adequate service options and that Realtors had various levels of representation options across the country. I have to say that as a Realtor in Ontario over the past 20 years, I had not noticed a shortage of creative Realtor options in my marketplace. Admittedly, there were some oddities in the structure of commissions in our marketplace. For example, we were not permitted to mix flat fees with percentages when deciding on the total commission split between the listing and buyer brokerages. This rigidity was the direct result of the Act and since...2016-02-15T17:41:00Z8ce0c4d8-6b66-4ab2-8b54-74a41530bac7https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Is-Real-Estate-the-best-investment-for-mostIs Real Estate the best investment for most?l often get asked if if real estate is a better investment than the stock market. That is not an easy question to answer. I am inclined to say that it may be a more comfortable investment than the stock market for many. Why? When we purchase stocks, we are doing an important thing for the business community. This is essential capital and it is the life blood of the economy. It is also difficult to say which has a better return as the answer to that depends on if you bought beach front property in California in 1968 vs Berkshire Hathaway vs Nortel. Ultimately, it depends on the real estate and the stock.2016-02-15T17:36:00Zed142290-0d96-449a-b682-9b7cb0f03385https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/How-does-Brand-Absence-affect-RealtorsHow does Brand Absence affect Realtors?In the Branding Small Business for Dummies handbook there is a warning: "When you say you are a Realtor, you're revealing to the world that you're an interchangeable pawn, an indistinguishable nail in the bin, no different from an other Realtor". Do all Realtors offer a parity service? Hardly...2016-02-15T17:35:00Ze8d94dde-3298-4b5b-a118-db3599f1cff8https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Why-you-should-hug-your-RealtorWhy you should hug your RealtorWe still hear more lawyer jokes than Realtor jokes. I prefer the candid teasing to the veiled hostility I sometimes sense around my beloved profession. Realtors are the life blood of the cornerstone of our wealth portfolio. How's that? Realtors have established a reliable market for real estate over the past 100 years by creating a complex infrastructure that establishes a predictable market for...2016-02-15T17:34:00Z6dff6b1f-83c2-44d1-af2f-269a08c4b63ehttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/02/15/Should-you-buy-the-most-Expensive-Principal-Home-you-can-affordShould you buy the most Expensive Principal Home you can afford?I would like to state for the record that I am not a fan of burgeoning consumer debt. Having said that, I ponder if buying a more expensive principal property makes sense for more people in this perfect storm of historically low interest rates, few capital gains exemptions and a steady clip of increasing property values. An investor might want to consider increasing their investment in their principal home to realize a...2016-02-15T17:34:00Z141b1be1-627a-4838-a538-011e0ea418b6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2016/01/19/Leadership-DayLeadership DayOakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board...2016-01-19T18:10:00Z89291a6c-fd38-4eec-8ce5-1ac1b2095bf6https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2015/12/11/2015-Holiday-Luncheon2015 Holiday LuncheonThank you to everyone for attending the Holiday Luncheon...2015-12-11T18:23:00Z8db36f2e-346e-4055-9411-411df8cb71dchttps://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2015/10/27/Collaborative-Day-at-Head-OfficeCollaborative Day at Head OfficeWhat a great collaboration day at Sutton Head Office!2015-10-27T19:44:00Z3031ec92-80a4-489a-bc6e-bda48d766d05https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2014/11/02/Office-Grand-Opening---OakvilleOffice Grand Opening - OakvilleThank you to everyone who came out to the Grand Opening of ...2014-11-02T19:16:00Z4f57c82c-d2e2-4564-9051-f30eb5144e07https://suttonquantum.com/About-Us/Blog/2014/08/19/5-Ways-to-Succeed5 Ways to SucceedSutton Group Quantum Realty Inc. invites you to take the Real Estate Simulator 2 Personality Assessment. This assessment will determine your personality type and how you can use it to become more successful in your Real Estate career....2014-08-19T19:51:00Z