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  • Moving Management Services
  • Home Staging Services
  • Senior Downsizing & Transition
  • Estate Clearing Services
  • The Busy Home
  • Household Insurance Claims/Emergency Renovations

Heather Johnson and Karen Hudson founded HouseLife Services with 55 years combined experience in the health, relocation and service industries and a long-term trusted friendship that grew out of their professional relationship.

With a mutual desire to serve and a shared passion for ethical and respectful treatment of clients, service providers and team members, they share a compassion and understanding of life transitions at all stages. Sometimes we all need helping hands.

Having both had stressful corporate careers while raising families and trying to be all things to all people, Karen and Heather believe that ongoing support and outsourcing is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’ in every household. They know that the emotional, mental and physical benefits and value of outsourcing play a significant role in one’s quality of life.

In addition to their Corporate backgrounds, Karen and Heather are not only wives and moms, they also know the stresses of living in a sandwich generation – both have been a support through long-term illness, transitions, overseeing the management of estates and supporting aging parents.


“And It was so easy!”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed with my real estate broker to stage my house for sale. What I ended up with was a house I never could have envisioned on my own – using all my own belongings! And it was so easy! Now I can’t wait to hire HouseLife Services to help me unpack and arrange my new home – wherever that turns out to be.  Thank you HouseLife.” -Carol K., Toronto

“Absolutely worth the fee!”

HouseLife did a fantastic job preparing our house for sale. Their practical design and staging not only created a model home look but was also easy for us to maintain. I couldn’t believe what they did with only our existing furniture, pictures and accessories. The house sold in four days for above asking with multiple offers. Absolutely worth the fee! Paid back many times over. Thank you again HouseLife.” 
-Henry and Nina, Toronto

“The homeowner had a major stress removed.”

HouseLife is efficient, quick to respond and will customize as needed. One client, facing physical challenges, needed help. HouseLife, working to a tight timeline, brought in one of their HouseLife Select Service Providers to complete a thorough pre-showing clean. My client was thrilled! After the sale, HouseLife returned to determine the seller’s needs. In short HouseLife had closets packed with items to be donated. The homeowner had a major stress removed. I would recommend HouseLife and I will be working with them again.” -Frances Z., Realtor, Toronto