5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Selecting A Selling Agent

19 November 2018
5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Selecting A Selling Agent

Who will you trust to sell your largest asset? If you want something done right, do it yourself" applies to many situations, but selling your home is not one of them. Follow our 5 tips for choosing the right selling agent for your home!

Staging Tips for Beginners

29 October 2018
Staging Tips for Beginners

Give your home an edge in the market!

Top Home Buyer Turnoffs

30 July 2018

Sellers - equip yourselves with every possible advantage in this market!

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

13 March 2018

Get your home into shape before summer!

Holiday Gift Guide for New Homeowners

19 December 2017

Your Last-Minute Gift Guide for the New Homeowner in Your Life!

Tina Gardin Q&A with OMDREB

04 January 2017

Broker of Record/Owner of Sutton Quantum, Tina Gardin, shares her thoughts, experience, and insights into the real estate business with OMDREB

Mortgage Calculators: Pros and Cons

19 May 2016

Mortgage calculators can be a great help when you first start thinking about buying a home, but simple versions do have their limitations. Let's take a look at the situations where mortgage calculators can be a huge help and the times when you might want to consult a human for additional advice.

The Top 3 Reasons New Real Estate Salespeople Fail to Thrive

15 February 2016

Embarking on a new career in Real Estate can be an exciting and terrifying experience. To begin with, there are no guarantees of revenue streams or salaries to cushion the initial few months. By avoiding these basic pitfalls, you can enhance your chances of a successful, full time practice....

The 8 "Essential" Tips for Success in Real Estate Sales

15 February 2016

In one of my recent training groups, a newly licensed salesperson asked me to describe the top 3 or 4 key strategies to success in real estate sales. I reflected on this question over the holidays and came up with my top 20 tips which...

Is it time for Realtors to ask for listing retainers?

15 February 2016

There are many misnomers around the process of selling a home and the role that the Realtor plays in the process. One of the most misunderstood elements of the process is the MLS system. Realtors and consumers are often surprised when they discover that typically 3/4 of the listings on MLS at any one time do not sell. This becomes a very interesting fact when you consider the...