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Raise your hand if you’re still last-minute holiday shopping. When someone has just moved into their dream home (or even their first apartment), the list of things they need and want for their new place will seem endless. Rather than defaulting to gifting a new homeowner a fancy bottle or a coffee table book (do they even have a coffee table yet?) we’ve narrowed down a list of perfect gifts for the new homeowner in your life.

Master Plan(ner)

Moving is chaos, and so are the first few days and weeks in your new place. A day planner will help simplify and prioritize what needs to get done and when, and as we roll into a new year a new planner helps mark this new and exciting season in a new homeowner’s life, acting as a dynamic memento.

Think Outside the Box

Much like pets or children who like the box more than the item it held, storage options will be a welcome addition to new homeowners. Rather than simply wrapping an empty box and calling that a gift, give the gift of space with a sleek filing cabinet, a scholarly bookshelf, or a collection of stackable totes.

Green with Envy

Studies show that plants make us feel more at home, and there’s nothing like a houseplant to add instant personality and breathe new life into a space you’re just getting used to. Try a trendy succulent cactus in a glass terrarium for a fresh and modern look with minimal upkeep.

It's the Little Things

It may take a while for a house to become a home, but helping your loved one express his or her personality with small gestures like personalized address labels, unique and colourful key covers for their new keys, picture frames to show old memories while you make new ones. Even a welcome mat can become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Hopefully this guide will help you as you finish your shopping. Any other ideas? Drop us a line and let us know!