The 8 "Essential" Tips for Success in Real Estate Sales

Sutton Quantum

In one of my recent training groups, a newly licensed salesperson asked me to describe the top 3 or 4 key strategies to success in real estate sales. I reflected on this question over the holidays and came up with my top 20 tips which I then distilled to 8. Based on my observations of my peers and 20 years of brokering, these are my favorite "essential 8".

  1. Nutrition and fitness:

    Realtors live life on the go and forgetting to fuel and hydrate can affect your competitive advantage. Emotions run high in this process and you may respond emotionally if your blood sugar is out of sorts. Hours are unpredictable so don't underestimate the need to plan. You are paid to facilitate and manage the emotional elements of the sales process. Schedule your fitness, massage and meditation into your weekly plan so that you are sharp and able to run the marathon that is real estate. Fit and full at all times.

  2. Dress for success:

    Real Estate is a surprisingly conservative business. Generally, the consumer expects their Realtor to look more like a banker than someone in creative advertising.

  3. Geographic, target farming:

    Chose a farm early in your career and work the farm consistently. It is your RRSP of prospecting and will pay dividends over time.

  4. Do agent open house tours:

    It is essential to know the product. When you do regular open house tours, you build a mental inventory and also neurological pathways for pricing properties.

  5. Own your success and failure:

    Make no excuses; look in the mirror. It isn't your office, it isn't your brand, it isn't your manager, it isn't your co-worker. Make sure your personality is a good fit for the business first. Take an assessment. Good Realtors will flourish anywhere you put them. Be cautious of those who try to persuade you otherwise.

  6. Offload your business support tasks as soon as you can afford to:

    You should be engaged in business development as much as possible. Don't get distracted by the many things that can derail your primary tasks: Prospecting and the furtherance of contracts.

  7. Surround yourself with successful, positive personalities:

    This doesn't necessarily have to be other Realtors. Assemble a business mixer with like minded people and you will inspire each other. When you hear the blame game start, you are talking to the wrong person. Back away. It is more contagious than the flu.

  8. Don't be a hit and run Realtor:

    Repeat and referral business is key to a long term, successful run. Be sure to do the best job you can and you will be as busy as you want to be. Stay current with the regulator and boards and volunteer for your industry when you can. Be the real deal because we are all part of the fabric of this industry.

Tina Gardin is the creator of the New Age of Real Estate TM training program and Broker owner of Sutton Group Quantum Realty Inc. with locations in Mississauga and Oakville.