Sutton Quantum

In the Branding Small Business for Dummies handbook there is a warning: "When you say you are a Realtor, you're revealing to the world that you're an interchangeable pawn, an indistinguishable nail in the bin, no different from an other Realtor".

Do all Realtors offer a parity service? Hardly.

As a Broker for the past 20 years, I can say that there are vast differences between individual Realtors in terms of their experience level and background. Each Realtor must identify their brand and effectively communicate it to the market. A license does not a Realtor make.

If you are a Realtor in this market, you need to understand that you are not in sales; you have embarked on a career in marketing. You are marketing yourself and your unique value proposition. If you are associated with a top brand, that does not exempt you from identifying who you are to the marketplace. If you don't, you remain indistinguishable within your brand. That's no good.

The trick is to identify what that unique skill set really is. By working through the branding process, you will be able to create brand preference for your target market. These are the people you are best equipped to serve. Once you are personally at the level of 'brand preference' in your market place, you become one of the top 3% in the business. If you don't, you are just another Interchangeable Realtor.

Tina Gardin is the Creator of the New Age Agent Program TM offered exclusively at Sutton Quantum Realty Inc. Mississauga and Oakville Locations